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Bacterium clostridium botulinum produces toxin which is used for several purposes. This has seen the inception of brand name botox. It is said that toxin can cause a food related disease called botulism.

Botulism causes some serious complications to the body such as paralysis but due to inventions in the medical field, this disease can be treated. Scientists have also discovered ways in which they can use this toxin substance in the human body advantageously. Some small amount of this substance can be injected directly into certain muscles in the body which causes them to weaken.

In 1980′s it was discovered that botox could be used to stop and treat ailments such as blepharospam. This is a disease that is associated with uncontrolled blinking as well as starabismus wish is also referred to as lazy eye.

Botox is also used to treat wrinkles and some facial creases. This is because these wrinkles which are at most times caused by the sun and gravity are not able to withstand the treatment from this substance. When used as an injection, it blocks signals from muscles and nerves causing it not to contract again. This causes the wrinkles to soften and relax.

The procedure of using botox is simple and takes only few minutes with no anesthesia required. It is injected using a fine needle into certain body muscles prompting minor discomfort. This treatment takes estimated seven days to fully take effect in the body.

When you want to use this treatment, it is advisable to avoid taking alcohol at least one week before the treatment. Other inflammatory medications and aspirin should also be avoided two weeks prior to the treatment to aid in the reduction of bruising.

In certain cases, this medication can be used in clinics in small quantities to treat neurological disorders as well as in cosmetics to smoothen the frown lines.

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    Botox injections should usually take 2-7 days to see complete result. However, many doctors say that it may be slower for some people.

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