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Has the shape of your nose been making you feel uncomfortable and uneasy, especially when you are around many people? May be your nose is too big and protruding or it very small, then Rhinoplasty is specifically meant for you. Commonly known as a nose job or nose reshaping, Rhinoplasty involves a surgical procedure meant to reshape the nose by increasing or reducing the size, which is expected to improve the appearance of the nose. Moreover, it can be used to change the width of the nose bridge, the profile of your nose, the position and the size of your nostril. Rhinoplasty has become a very popular sought after cosmetic surgery procedure by many people. Knowing that the shape of some of our body parts and in particular the nose can greatly alter our self perception and confidence, the emergence of Rhinoplasty has provided a great opportunity to get a new and better outlook.

Moreover, apart from gaining a new and better outlook or for the aesthetic purpose that makes people go for Rhinoplasty surgery, it can be used to undertake re-constructive measures such as birth defects and breathing difficulties in some people. The reason for the growth in popularity of Rhinoplasty can be as a result of an increased awareness of the availability of the procedure through the media such as the internet websites and the television.

There are several types of Rhinoplasty that patients undergo. Under the surgical approach, there is the closed and the open Rhinoplasty procedures. In addition to the different types of Rhinoplasty, there is the re-constructive Rhinoplasty, which is intended to restore a damaged nose as a result of an accident or any other cause to its normal shape and size. For functional Rhinoplasty, it is undertaken on a nose that does not perform its function properly such as difficulty in breathing.

3 Responses to “Rhinoplasty”

  1. Lori Grunden says:

    A nose job procedure/surgery is performed through the nostrils so as to not scar the outside, visible part. The sutures that are used after the surgery is completed are usually made of perishable materials so that there is no need to remove them. After the procedure, a patient’s nose is placed in a cast for between seven and ten days.

  2. Emily Chaytor says:

    Nose shaping. I want my nose to be thinner on the sides! can you give me a quote?

  3. Curi says:

    In order to explain the popularity of plastic cosmetic makevoers today, you have to address the fact that cosmetic surgery can encompass many types of body modifications from something as common as breast reduction or botox. It is always going to be based on each individuals perception of what they consider their ideal physical appearance.

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